Carnet de voyage ISRAEL 2017/10.

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10 Réponses to “Carnet de voyage ISRAEL 2017/10.”

  1. corinne Says:

    C’est réellement magnifique Valérie…! Corinne Dessis

  2. Monsieur R. Says:

    Absolument superbe ! Merci pour ce partage magnifique 🙏🏻✨

  3. artbymeera Says:

    This is wonderful !!!

  4. עמרי Says:

    Great sketches of Tel Aviv! and I’m curious – where is the building you draw in the 7th image from the bottom? the one above the 3 chairs 🙂

    • vaboulker Says:

      It is not à building, it is inside a house. I am doing this now. I ask people if i can go in there house and draw some place. I am now in Tel Aviv continuing this work. I will put the drawings later.

  5. עמרי Says:

    Oh.That’s a great and unique sketching concept! but what I was meaning is the roof with the Skyscraper in the back and the Solar water-heating 🙂
    Have a great time in Israel!

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